coal fire, jeffrey martin


35mm, f/1.8 at pineview

35mm, f/1.8 at pineview

I sat out here waiting for the shuttle to take me to the airport to go home for thanksgiving break, and watched as the mercilous fall wind stole the last of this trees leaves away. 

now it's almost april, I'm absorbed in different classes, celebrated a birthday, traversed new adventures and shared experiences with people I didn't even know when this tree shed its final leaves. 

but as I was in november, sitting on my back porch, listening to music, breathing in the eastbound wind that whistles through the creases of the splintered wood of my deck; i am doing the same in this vibrant spring afternoon; but as a different person.

the world spins on and changes as frequently as we do. don't be afraid to stop and take it all in, watch intently as the fire dies in the  big tangerine sky because after all,

she doesn't mind if you stare