laughingman, joe purdy

lawrence in limbo



there should be a grammy award for songs that end just as you finish up parking

time is dancing, ben howard

this path

35mm, f3.5, cortona promenade

35mm, f3.5, cortona promenade

 ‭this place has given me an equal abundance of energizing inhales as it has exhales of breath stimulated renewal of devotion to observe and express the irresolute world around.

like that one rock on the shore which seduces your eye into pocketing it‬

‭it is here the path I ramble travels 

for the journey is riddled with pebbles of lofted spirits left by those who's pant sags by  cause of the weight of a collection so respectable, he need not only pick anymore, but has cast out lesser accumulations  for there is a far greater stone waiting to be discovered,

only a couple more steps down the road‬

be the song, foy vance


cortona, 6s, f/3.0

cortona, 6s, f/3.0

it was the type of quiet that sat like fog,

quiet that infected everything

quiet in which the sounds of those approaching were numb

because even their footsteps' echoes died in the oasis of tranquility

reminders, defeats

'for whatever ain't done to you right • and whatever's done to you wrong • you pull your life on a chain'

6s camera, f/2.2, nyc•34th street station

6s camera, f/2.2, nyc•34th street station

 cause and consequence have been married since dawn of time and the greatest force in action, never ceasing, always in motion and maybe unpredicted but never misunderstood.


know your cause and know your effect

live your cause and be in effect

never miss your chances and always forgive your choices; it's how you grow


but unintended does not mean unapologetic 

don't suffer the gilded lure of ill fated consequences, for the sun rises to burn away shadows of this shuddering mind.

the greatest bastard, damien rice

amongst the danger


35mm, f/1.8, 25" exposure @ some field up past watkinsville  

35mm, f/1.8, 25" exposure @ some field up past watkinsville  

doesn't matter where theyre off to does it? at least they're on the way

the barricades of heaven, jackson browne



35mm, f/1.8, 20" exposure, 'star six' filter

35mm, f/1.8, 20" exposure, 'star six' filter

realized this weekend that you can't take your own house and neighborhood for granted. there are so many areas in Athens where your neighbors may not be friendly enough to sit out in your eno and blast music without feeling like you're being a bother. didnt leave pineview almost at all this weekend but saw almost everyone that I would want to simply because they were walkin out in the beautiful April weather.


heres to making the most out of my last few weeks on pineview ct. 

possibility days, counting crows

pineview possibilities

35mm, f/1.& in pineview

35mm, f/1.& in pineview

adventuring is a grab bag. when you agree to go down a certain path, take a road trip or decide which building to scale, if it's a new destination, as was my spring break trip, you don't know positively it'll be a good one.  

Luckily, humans are born with perception. what I mean by that is for every lesser voyage, there will be a spectacular one. 50/50 odds can be daunting but since we all are graced with perception, the ability to interpret the moment for ourselves, the spectacular adventure is always a richer experience so it sits prominently in our memory and the warmth we felt echoes deeper into our conscious, resonating far louder than one which didn't have a as great of an outcome.

this same logic is apparent in the fact that no one remembers any lyric to a song they didn't like, yet I can belt each and every word to counting crows' possibility days.

heres to the eternal search for the next great adventure, and the ones that didn't end as well, because what's life if not unpredictable? 

 "And the one thing you won't say is everyone knows possibility days are impossible"

half moon, blind pilot



35mm, f/3.3 at blue sky, athens

35mm, f/3.3 at blue sky, athens

during painting studio time, I spent about two and a half hours working and didn't bother checking what time it was. I'm not sure exactly what let me absorb into my work today for so long, but I'm pretty sure it's because over the duration of the two hours, I picked up a paint brush only once. Instead, I used a pallet knife to smear, scrape and push thick strokes of color across my canvas. Maybe I was inspired today, maybe it was a fluke, and maybe it wasn't even a good decision, but for the first time in a long time I felt focused, loose and optimistic about painting.

 after class, I traveled with the rain to blue sky's porch to work on homework and watch the storm unleash itself. I guess since the weathers been so nice lately, this one change to my routine revitalized the familiar setting and refreshed this reoccurring post-thursday class tradition. not so different then using a pallet knife instead of a brush... 

heres to the beauty of change and will to give into it. 

coal fire, jeffrey martin


35mm, f/1.8 at pineview

35mm, f/1.8 at pineview

I sat out here waiting for the shuttle to take me to the airport to go home for thanksgiving break, and watched as the mercilous fall wind stole the last of this trees leaves away. 

now it's almost april, I'm absorbed in different classes, celebrated a birthday, traversed new adventures and shared experiences with people I didn't even know when this tree shed its final leaves. 

but as I was in november, sitting on my back porch, listening to music, breathing in the eastbound wind that whistles through the creases of the splintered wood of my deck; i am doing the same in this vibrant spring afternoon; but as a different person.

the world spins on and changes as frequently as we do. don't be afraid to stop and take it all in, watch intently as the fire dies in the  big tangerine sky because after all,

she doesn't mind if you stare

under the blanket, trevor hall


35mm, f/1.8 at the georgia theatre  

35mm, f/1.8 at the georgia theatre  

It's getting into the high 70s here in the classic city. Which means I'll be back outside pretending to do homework after classes. 

heres to spring and the georgia theatre line-up 

Sons & Daughters, Allman Brown

cherrywine and springtime

35mm, f1.8

35mm, f1.8

Came back into town after spring break to Athens in its prime. 75 and sunny for the foreseeable future. 

Ran into the Bungalow Gals at Walkers on Monday with Alex. Sure, there are 30,000+ students on this campus, but you end up finding a niche. Here's to the family I've found and an extra hour of sunlight.

shot at the night, the killers

broadway boogie-woogie 

35mm, f1.8 @ 120B pineview  

35mm, f1.8 @ 120B pineview  

today is the first Monday after spring break in NY/MI with Marge and Stacia. Love showing people the city who've never seen it before. Moma, Brooklyn bridge walk, falafel, subway shenanigans and Chinatown. 

getting out of Athens for a week makes me appreciate the classic city so much more whenever I come back. The weather is beautiful and the people are better.  

here's to part two of second semester. 

pilgrim, fink


f/1.8, 30 second exposure

f/1.8, 30 second exposure

packing the car up at midnight to head from Mississippi to New York. Picking up the third traveler at 6am in Georgia.

here's to the 12am sky and the midnight drive. 

in reverse, the war on drugs

dodd days

iPhone 6s @the dodd's 3rd story

iPhone 6s @the dodd's 3rd story

I'm reminded everyday by this place exactly why I chose this place. Don't waste a minute of it.

low rising, the swell season

conversing in converse  


iPhone 6s @dodd parking lot

iPhone 6s @dodd parking lot

it's difficult to motivate yourself out of the car before a 3 hour studio when there's good music playing in the marge mobile

trapeze swinger, Iron&Wine

goin' ghost

35mm,f/20,30"exp.  @East Campus Tracks

35mm,f/20,30"exp.  @East Campus Tracks

It was 50 degrees and clear as could be, why did I even suggest taking a bus? Here's to spring, new friends and the road ahead. It's a long walk but there's no better way to travel.