half moon, blind pilot



35mm, f/3.3 at blue sky, athens

35mm, f/3.3 at blue sky, athens

during painting studio time, I spent about two and a half hours working and didn't bother checking what time it was. I'm not sure exactly what let me absorb into my work today for so long, but I'm pretty sure it's because over the duration of the two hours, I picked up a paint brush only once. Instead, I used a pallet knife to smear, scrape and push thick strokes of color across my canvas. Maybe I was inspired today, maybe it was a fluke, and maybe it wasn't even a good decision, but for the first time in a long time I felt focused, loose and optimistic about painting.

 after class, I traveled with the rain to blue sky's porch to work on homework and watch the storm unleash itself. I guess since the weathers been so nice lately, this one change to my routine revitalized the familiar setting and refreshed this reoccurring post-thursday class tradition. not so different then using a pallet knife instead of a brush... 

heres to the beauty of change and will to give into it.