possibility days, counting crows

pineview possibilities

35mm, f/1.& in pineview

35mm, f/1.& in pineview

adventuring is a grab bag. when you agree to go down a certain path, take a road trip or decide which building to scale, if it's a new destination, as was my spring break trip, you don't know positively it'll be a good one.  

Luckily, humans are born with perception. what I mean by that is for every lesser voyage, there will be a spectacular one. 50/50 odds can be daunting but since we all are graced with perception, the ability to interpret the moment for ourselves, the spectacular adventure is always a richer experience so it sits prominently in our memory and the warmth we felt echoes deeper into our conscious, resonating far louder than one which didn't have a as great of an outcome.

this same logic is apparent in the fact that no one remembers any lyric to a song they didn't like, yet I can belt each and every word to counting crows' possibility days.

heres to the eternal search for the next great adventure, and the ones that didn't end as well, because what's life if not unpredictable? 

 "And the one thing you won't say is everyone knows possibility days are impossible"